Welcome home! Welcome home to Saint John’s.

Welcome home to a seminary experiencing an unprecedented period of growth, now the sixth largest theologate serving the church in the United States!

Welcome home to the oldest and largest seminary in New England: the place where 130 men today bear a striking resemblance to you when you walked these halls, not too many years ago.

Welcome to a seminary now existing on three campuses with the recent addition of Our Lady of the Presentation Lecture Hall and Library.; a place with an impressive array of lecturers and outstanding faculty.

Welcome home to the place where you learned how to pray, how to preach a word that will rouse them, and how to love those whom everyone else would forget.

For therein is the meaning of this holy house. It’s a place to discern and to be prepared. Prepared to anoint the old woman who will die at 2 o’clock in the morning. Prepared to give sage counsel to the family of their child strung out on drugs. Prepared to strengthen with sacramental grace the sinner who has fallen for the third, fourth, and fifth time. Prepared to bring the bread of life and the cup of salvation to people hungry for God.

This is where God prepared you and this is where He prepares them still. Prepares them to decrease that He might increase, to so die to themselves that He might shine forth through them as a light to the nations and the glory of the church.

So welcome home! Over the next several months we plan to develop this space as a check-in point for all of our alumni – a place for the latest news, events, and alumni updates, and more than anything, a place for YOU. So let us know what you’d like to see here, and we’ll make it happen, as we continue to work every day to help these good young men to follow in your footsteps, the way of the Good Shepherd, the path that leads to God.

–Monsignor Moroney