Every Gift Counts - Saint John's Seminary

Every Gift Counts


Forming priests since 1884 and lay leaders since 2000.

Over 1,000 priest alumni and over 250 lay alumni.

We are your parish priests
and pastors bringing you
the life-giving sacraments
of the Church.

We are educators.

We are your chaplains in
hospitals, prisons, and
schools across New England
and beyond.


It is a fundamental truth that, as a Catholic Christian, you need priests. These priests provide Sacraments (weekly and for major life moments, such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals), passing on our faith, and service as chaplains and a myriad of other ministries. At Saint John’s Seminary, our mission is to prepare well trained and educated priests, who will continue to serve as the bedrock of our faith far into the future.

We simply cannot do this alone. If you believe as we do, that educating those called to the service of the Church is our collective responsibility, then I ask you for your generous support for the work of Saint John’s Seminary.

Saint John’s Seminary stands with and for a Future Full of Hope. We have strong and faith filled leadership bringing us forward and we understand that education is an investment in our collective future. We invite you to help us move forward and invest in your Church and your future Leaders now.