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Understanding the depth of the pilgrimage these young men undertake, you have extended your hand in fellowship and generosity. Your contribution goes far beyond financial assistance; it embodies a shared belief in the power of spiritual calling and the importance of nurturing future shepherds of Christ’s flock.

Our seminarians embark on a voyage of sacrifice, spiritual enrichment, and unwavering commitment. As they journey through their seven years of formation, your support is crucial in providing them with the resources they need for academic studies, spiritual growth, and pastoral preparation. It is because of benevolent donors like you that they can immerse themselves in the sacred truths of our faith, minister to the needy, and build a supportive brotherhood, all while being guided by seasoned mentors.

Your donation empowers Saint John’s Seminary to continue its unseen labor of fostering these vocations. It ensures that our Church can look forward to a future led by clergy ready to guide with wisdom, mercy, compassion, and courage. You are an integral part of this sacred endeavor; we are immensely thankful for that.

May you find joy in knowing that your generosity is significantly impacting the lives of our seminarians and the many souls they will touch throughout their ministry. Together, we secure a vibrant future for our Church, filled with hope, grace, and the holy radiance of Christ’s love.

With sincere gratitude and blessings,

Very Rev. Stephen E. Salocks ‘80


Saint John’s Seminary

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