Summer Conference Series | How your Parish Community can Thrive in an Ever-Changing World - Saint John's Seminary

How your Parish Community can Thrive in an Ever-Changing World

Saint John's Seminary is pleased to be able to make these insightful presentations available. Mr. Kevin R. Kiley, and Mr. Jim Lundholm-Eades address the contextual, pastoral, spiritual, and administrative challenges that parish communities may face in an ever changing world. The presentations aim to equip viewers with practical tools, valuable insights, and inspiring examples to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern parish life.

Kevin R. Kiley,
Diocese of Fall River, CFO and COO

Presenter, Session 1

Kevin Kiley is Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer for the Diocese of Fall River which encompasses the South Coast of Massachusetts, Cape and Islands.Reporting to the Bishop of Fall River, he is responsible for the oversight of Human Resources, Benefits Administration, Finance, Audit, Budget, Investment Management, Facilities and Real Estate, Communications and Public Relations, the Safe Environment Enterprise, Information Technology, General Counsel, Archives, and Cemeteries.

Kevin worked for the Archdiocese of Boston for 23 years with growing responsibilities in budgeting, accounting, finance and strategic planning. He is a Certified Diocesan Fiscal Manager and completed the Master of Science in Church Management Program at Villanova University in 2019.

Kevin serves on a number of Boards and Committees affiliated with the Diocese of Fall River in his role as Chancellor and CFO.

His brother-in-law, Fr. Paul Hurley is an active Priest in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Nurturing Unity Amidst Change: Catholic Diocesan Administration's Supporting Parish Communities in Times of Mergers and Closures

This presentation aims to shed light on the Catholic diocesan administration's perspective on navigating the sensitive and challenging process of parish mergers and closures. During times of change, when multiple parishes may need to come together to form a single community or when some parishes have to close their doors, it is crucial to address the concerns and emotions of the faithful while preserving the unity of the Church.

Jim Lundholm-Eades,

Senior Consultant, Leadership Roundtable

Presenter, Session 2

Jim Lundholm-Eades serves as Senior Consultant and, until his retirement, served as Leadership Roundtable’s Director of Programs and Services. He has worked with over 100 dioceses and archdioceses, many religious orders, and national Catholic organizations. He has been a national speaker, university faculty member, researcher, and author on diocesan administration, deep culture change in dioceses, pastoral leadership strategies, clergy assignment for dioceses, church finance, pastoral planning and how dioceses and parishes recover from sexual abuse. Jim has coached senior Church leaders including cardinals, bishops, and vicars generals. Previously he served as Director of Parish Services and Planning and was the Associate Director of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Jim has graduate degrees in educational administration, pastoral counseling, counseling, and business administration. Prior to his retirement he was licensed as a school superintendent. Jim is certified to deliver the Catholic Leadership 360 assessment tool.

Navigating Change with Grace: Best Practices and Trends in Supporting Catholic Parish Personnel and Parishioners During Times of Parish Restructuring

This presentation aims to equip Catholic diocesan leaders, clergy, and lay personnel with the knowledge and tools to support parishioners and staff effectively during periods of parish restructuring. As the Church adapts to changing demographics, financial realities, and other challenges, it is crucial to address all parties' spiritual, emotional, and practical needs.