God gives us a great gift in Lent: a time to begin anew, and to explore all the ways in which the Lord invites us to grow closer to him.

This past year at Saint John’s Seminary has been one of transformation, and we have wholeheartedly committed ourselves to this season of introspection and to the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Christ. As you read this message today, we have begun our observance of this Holy season – and that leads us to reflect on how our lives are always beginning anew.

Realistically, the spirit of Lenten observance is never totally absent in the seminary. Every day, 85 seminarians, along with seminary faculty and staff, strive to grow closer to Christ, to listen more carefully to God’s call, and to discern more clearly his will for their lives. All are dedicated to help the seminarians’ efforts to cooperate with the grace of God in order to become true disciples of his Son and the best candidates for priesthood that they can be. But now, during the season of Lent, the daily schedule in the seminary that sees all of us gathering several times each day in our chapel for Mass and prayer, and continually engaging in a simplicity of life intensifies to include extra moments of prayer, as well as fasting and almsgiving. We do this all by the grace of God, and we also rely on your daily prayers.Read the full text of Fr. Salocks’ Lenten note

May our Lenten observance rely on the renewal God is working in us all – making us aware of our need for conversion and repentance, and more importantly directing our attention towards greater union with his Son, and motivating us toward greater love and concern for our neighbor. Please join us!  

-Rev. Stephen E. Salocks ’80
Interim Rector, Saint John’s Seminary

Please visit sjs.edu/LENT to make your Lenten gift today, see our “40 Days of Seminarians”,
and learn more about how Lent is observed at SJS.