SJS Academic Calendar

2020 – First Semester

August 25-26: Tuesday – Wednesday Registration for First Semester

August 27-30: Thursday – Sunday Retreat

August 31: Monday First Semester Classes Begin

September 7: Monday Labor Day – No Classes

September 14: Monday Last Day for Course Change

October 12: Monday Columbus Day – No Classes

October 21-23: Wednesday - Friday Pre-theology Retreat – No Pre-theology Seminary Classes

November 11: Wednesday Veterans’ Day – No Classes

November 12: Thursday Last Day for Submission of M.A. or M.T.S. Thesis

November 18: Wednesday Registration for Second Semester Begins

November 24: Tuesday Thanksgiving Recess Begins after Last Class or Pastoral Formation at Seminary

November 30: Monday Classes Resume

December 8: Tuesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception – No Seminary Classes

December 14: Monday Last Class Day for First Semester

December 15: Tuesday Reading Day

December 16-18: Wednesday-Friday Semester Examinations

December 18: Friday Christmas Recess Begins after Mass or Examination

2021 – Second Semester

*PLEASE NOTE: There are two different Spring Semester Calendars this year. One is for Priestly Formation and the other for Lay Formation.

Revised Seminarian Spring Semester Calendar

January 10-15: Sunday-Friday Retreat

January 18: Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No classes/Formation Workshop

January 19: Tuesday Second Semester Classes Begin

January 28-29: Thursday-Friday March for Life, Washington, D.C. – No Seminary Classes

February 1: Monday Last Day for Course Changes

February 15: Monday President’s Day – No Classes

February 17: Wednesday Ash Wednesday – No Seminary Classes

February 26: Friday Mid-Semester Vacation Begins after Last Class or Pastoral Formation

March 8: Monday Classes Resume

March 30: Tuesday Blessing of Holy Chrism – No Seminary Classes

April 1: Thursday Classes End at Noon for Easter Triduum and Easter Recess

April 7: Wednesday Classes Resume

April 19: Monday Patriot’s Day – No Classes

April 21: Wednesday Last Day for Submission of M.A. or M.T.S. Thesis

April 23: Friday Registration for the Fall Semester Begins

May 7: Friday Last Day of Class for Second Semester

May 8: Saturday Reading Day

May 10-12: Monday - Wednesday Seminary Final Examinations

May 12: Wednesday Close of the Academic Year after Mass