Course Registration - Saint John's Seminary

Course Registration


for MAM/MTS Degree Program courses

Required courses

Seminarians in the Pre-Theology and the Master of Divinity programs must register for the courses required for their particular academic year. Students who must rearrange their programs or who wish to be exempt from certain required courses must receive the approval of the Dean of Faculty and their Academic and Formation Advisors before the first day of class. Pre-Theology students must do so in consultation with the Director of Pre-Theology.

MAM and MTS students must consult with the Director of the Master of Arts in Ministry and Master of Theological Studies Programs prior to registration in order to maintain the proper sequence of their respective program.

Independent study courses

Subjects not covered by the courses listed in the Catalog may be pursued through directed reading or small group study. In each case, it will be necessary that the professor concerned give his or her consent. The course consists of directed reading and includes regular meetings with the student(s) involved. No student may take more than one such course a semester and no more than two independent studies may be taken in a degree program, unless approved by the Academic Dean.

For approval, the professor and student(s) must submit to the Academic Dean a syllabus which includes a statement of purpose for the study, an agreed-upon reading list, a schedule of meetings, and the means of assessing work (paper, exam, log, etc.). A copy of the syllabus is also to be submitted to the Director of Admissions and Records. Students from the MAM and MTS Programs should submit the syllabus to the Director of those programs for approval. Seminarians must have the approval of their Academic/Formation Advisor to enroll in an independent study. The approval for these courses must be secured before the first day of the semester.

Change of course or credit status

Neither seminarians nor students of the MAM and MTS Programs may add or change courses after the first two weeks of class. Changing a course from credit to audit or audit to credit must be completed by the end of the third week of classes. Seminarians must have the signed approval of their Academic/Formation Advisor and the Academic Dean to make any course changes. The completed Add/Drop form is to be brought to the Admissions and Records Office to be recorded.

Withdrawal from a course

Students may withdraw from a course up until the fifth week of class with no approval and no record on their transcript. After the fifth week of classes, a withdrawal from a course will be recorded on the academic transcript of the student. The student must petition the Dean of Faculty to withdraw from a course after the fifth week. The notation WA indicates an Academic Withdrawal approved by the administration. A WF, or Withdrawal Failing, will be recorded for students who fail to petition the Academic Dean for withdrawal after the fifth week of classes.

Course load

Seminarians may take extra courses with the approval of their Academic/Formation Advisor and the Academic Dean but must always fulfill the minimum number of courses first in their prescribed program.