All applications for the program of Priestly Formation at Saint John's Seminary go through the candidate's Diocesan Vocation Office. Below you will find links for the Vocations Offices of all our sending dioceses.

Archdiocese of Boston - MA

Rev. Eric Cadin

Vocations Director

Phone: (617) 746-5947

Email: ecadin@rcab.org

Diocese of Fall River - MA

Rev. Kevin Cook

Vocations Director

Phone: (508) 336-5549

Email: frcook@fallrivervocations.org

Fr. Jack Schrader

Assistant Vocations Director

Phone: 508-695-6161

Email: frschrader@fallrivervocations.org

Diocese of Manchester - NH

Rev. Matthew Mason

Vocations Director

Phone: (603) 663-0196

Email: mmason@rcbm.org

Diocese of Portland - ME

Rev. Seamus Griesbach

Vocations Director

Phone: (207) 773-6471

Fax: (207) 773-0182

Email: vocations@portlanddiocese.org

Diocese of Providence - RI

Rev. Brian Morris

Vocations Director

Phone: (401) 331-1316

Email: rev.brian.morris@gmail.com

Diocese of Rochester - NY

Rev. Matthew Jones

Co-Director of Vocations

Phone: 607-425-5821

Email: fr.matthew.jones@dor.org

Rev. Peter Van Lieshout

Co-Director of Vocations

Phone: 585-278-6334

Email: fr.peter.vanlieshout@dor.org

Diocese of Springfield - MA

Rev. Michael Wood

Co-Director of Vocations

Phone: (413) 739-0456, ext. 4

Fr. David Darcy

Co-Director of Vocations

Phone: 413-896-6397

Email: vocations@diospringfield.org

Diocese of Worcester - MA

Rev. Donato Infante

Vocations Director

Phone: (508) 630-4473

Email: director@worcestervocations.com

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