Saint John's Seminary - Saint John's Seminary

Faculty Directory

Very Rev. Stephen Salocks


Rev. Thomas Macdonald


Dr. Paul Metilly

Director of Intellectual Formation/Academic Dean

Rev. Richard Fitzgerald

Director of Pastoral Formation

Rev. Michael MacInnis

Director of Human Formation | MAM/MTS Human Formation | Spiritual Direction

Rev. David Barnes

Director of Spiritual Formation | Spiritual Direction

Rev. Peter Stamm

Director of Sacred Liturgy | Theology

Rev. Ryan W. Connors

Professor of Moral Theology and Dean of Men

Dr. Anthony Coleman

Director of MAM/MTS Degree Programs

Rev. Stanislaus Achu


Rev. Maurice Agbaw-Ebai

Philosophy & Theology

Rev. Cristiano Barbosa


Rev. Casey Beaumier, S.J.

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Prof. Janet Benestad


Rev. Joseph Briody

Sacred Scripture | Assistant Spiritual Director

Rev. Juan Carlos Rivera Castro, S.J.

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Rev. Walter Carreiro

Portuguese Language

Rev. David Cavanagh

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Dr. Michael Coughlin

Church History

Rev. Brian Dunkle, S.J.

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Rev. George P. Evans

MAM/MTS- Spirituality

Dr. Angela Franks

Theology- MAM/MTS

Rev. Msgr. Anthony Frontiero

Moral Theology

Prof. Maria Galindez-Bianco

MAM/MTS-Canon Law

Rev. John Grieco

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Rev. Peter Grover, O.M.V.

Classical Languages/Sacred Scripture- MAM/MTS

Rev. Bryan Hehir

Moral Theology | Social Ethics

Rev. John G. Kiley

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Dr. Christopher Klofft

Adjunct Faculty MAM/MTS Degree Programs

Dr. Peter Kreeft


Dr. Aldona Lingertat

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Vincent Lynch

Seminary Human Formation Consultant/MAM-MTS Psychosocial Assessment

Dr. Leonard Maluf

Sacred Scripture

Rev. Brian Mahoney


Mary Ann McLaughlin

MAM-Spiritual Formation

Fr. Denis Nakkeeran

Moral Theology

Rev. Christopher O'Connor


Rev. Nathan J. Ricci

Canon Law

Rev. Paul Ritt


Prof. Julianne Shanklin

Canon Law

Dr. John Skalko


Rev. Kevin Staley-Joyce


Dr. Richard Spinello


Rev. Ronald Tacelli, S.J.

Adjunct Spiritual Director

Rev. Michael Zimmerman

Sacred Scripture

Rev. Joseph Zwosta