Statement of Effectiveness

Saint John’s Seminary and the M.A.M. and M.T.S. Degree Programs of Saint John’s Seminary are fully committed to the quality, integrity, and effectiveness of their academic programs. The rector, administration, and faculty continuously endeavor to offer effective programs in preparing candidates for ordained and lay ministry and participation in the life and work of the Catholic Church.

Saint John’s Seminary
Over the past fifteen years, the seminary has steadily increased its enrollment. In 2005, there were 25 seminarians reported in attendance, whereas 2019 saw 98 men in formation. Over the past fifteen years, Saint John’s Seminary has ordained over 194 men to the Roman Catholic priesthood.

In September 2019, Saint John’s Seminary welcomed 98 students from eleven dioceses, four institutes of religious life, as well as an ecclesial movement.

The Pre-Theology Program, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil.) or Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, (B.A., Phil), provides a solid foundation for theological studies as well as the opportunity for ongoing discernment of the vocation to the diocesan priesthood and religious orders. In the past ten years, 82% of those entering the Pre-Theology program have completed it, and 70% have gone on to continued formation and study in the Master of Divinity program.

The Master of Divinity is a coherent, comprehensive program that was positively reviewed by the Apostolic Visitation by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. In the past ten years, 67% of those entering have completed the Master of Divinity program at Saint John’s Seminary. In addition, 8% of seminarians in the Master of Divinity program concurrently completed the Master of Arts in Theology degree.

It is important to note that the graduation rates for degrees in both Pre-Theology and Theology signify the completion of academic as well as human, spiritual, and pastoral formation. There are other factors at a Catholic seminary, like vocational discernment, which may significantly impact graduation rates.

The M.A.M. and M.T.S. Degree Programs of Saint John’s Seminary
The Master of Arts in Ministry completed its nineteenth year in May 2019 and has awarded degrees to 213 men and women. Of those who graduated in May 2019, 8 out of 11, or 73%, reported that within six months of graduation they were employed in their chosen field.

The Master of Theological Studies for the New Evangelization, which only began in 2011, has had thirty-three students successfully graduate from the program.

Revised April 27, 2020

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