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Academic Work Outside the Seminary

Registration through the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

The opportunity to register for courses in the ten schools of the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium (B.T.I.) is available to Saint John’s graduate students in good academic standing. Students must achieve a minimum average grade of C+ in the preceding semesters to be eligible to participate in the B.T.I. program. Cross-registration with the B.T.I. may be used only for elective courses.

Those who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity should consult with their Academic/Formation Advisors.

The following procedure is to be used for cross-registration in the B.T.I.:

(1) The student must obtain the approval of his Academic/Formation Advisor, or, for MAM and MTS students, the Director of the MAM and MTS Programs;

(2) The student must submit the B.T.I. registration form to the Director of Admissions and Records, or, for students in the lay formation program, to their Program Director, for approval to register in another institution;

(3) The student brings the signed registration form to the Registrar of the institution which offers the course and follows the procedures required at that school to register for the course;

(4) Every effort should be made to observe the registration deadline of the registering institution;

(5) Any change in course or status must be made known to the Saint John’s Director of Admissions and Records and the Registrar of the other institution. The seminary reserves the right to refuse recognition of credit for courses which have not been previously approved by the Academic Dean or have been taken as pass/fail courses. Credit will not be given for auditing of courses.

(6) The B.T.I. agreement applies only to courses listed in the B.T.I. catalogue and not to other courses offered by the member institutions. No more than one B.T.I. course may be taken in any one semester without approval by the Academic Dean.

(7) Courses at St. John XXIII National Seminary are considered to be the same as B.T.I. courses, and a similar registration process should be followed.

(8) No more than three electives may be taken outside of Saint John’s Seminary in any degree program.

Other Academic Work Outside the Seminary

Outside of the B.T.I. courses mentioned above, the academic and pastoral responsibilities of the Seminary program in general preclude registration in courses of any other academic institution. In certain cases, however, students who wish to take an extra course at an outside institution may do so provided that they have met the established qualifications and have received permission from the Dean of Faculty and their Academic/Formation Advisor. Credit from such courses will not be applied to any Seminary program. No student may register for a degree program which will be held in another institution during the Seminary academic session.