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Webinar | The Eucharistic Gift: Christ Offering, Transforming, Remaining | Eucharistic Revival

February 3rd, 2023

07:00 pm

The Holy Eucharist is the gift of Christ himself— “the life and death of the Lamb slain for us” (Pope Francis, Desiderio Desideravi, 13). This webinar reflects on aspects of the Eucharistic Mystery: the Mass as sacrifice; Christ’s real presence; the transformative graces flowing from the Eucharist (conversion and communion); and how powerfully the Incarnation reaches us in the Eucharist.

The reflection offers a word of “eucharistic encouragement.” Since the Eucharist is “summit and source,” authentic evangelization and eucharistic revival go hand in hand.

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Fr. Joseph Briody is a priest of the Diocese of Raphoe (Donegal, Ireland). Ordained in 1995, further studies included the S.T.L. (Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth), the S.S.L. (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome), and the S.T.D. (Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry). Having ministered in schools and parishes in Donegal, he joined the faculty of Saint John’s Seminary in 2013. He currently serves as professor of Sacred Scripture and spiritual director.

What do Catholics see in the Eucharist?

Conversion. Healing. Unity. Formation. But how? Why? Can we help others see it?

In this four-part series, the faculty of Saint John’s Seminary will guide us toward the answer to those questions. Along with local scholars, the priests of Saint John’s Seminary will examine our Eucharistic faith in light of Sacred Scripture, tradition, and Church history.

Along the way, they’ll be joined by lay faithful who can attest to the power of the Eucharist in reviving their parishes.

A master class on Eucharistic revival will cap off the series. Participants will join with priests and faculty to discuss effective ways to revive Eucharistic devotion in their parishes and learn concrete ways to bear witness to Christ present in the Eucharist.

And together, we’ll be formed to know, love, and proclaim our Eucharistic Lord.

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