MAM/MTS Financial Aid - Saint John's Seminary

MAM/MTS Financial Aid

Scholarship money is available for students of MAM/MTS Programs based on need. Students should contact Ellen Oesterle at the MAM/MTS office to apply for scholarships or to inquire about educational loans.

The Archdiocese has established, on behalf of Saint John’s Seminary, the Promise for Tomorrow Scholarship Fund for those serving the Church in the Archdiocese of Boston. Students from other dioceses may also be considered for financial aid. These scholarships assist needy students in the degree programs. In addition to need-based aid, the Promise for Tomorrow Scholarship Fund offers two merit-based scholarships, generally awarded in May: the “Outstanding Parish Service Scholarship” for the M.A.M. degree, and the “New Evangelization Scholarship” for the M.T.S. degree. More information is available here: Scholarships

Saint John’s Seminary offers Catholic school teachers a 10% tuition scholarship.

The MAM/MTS Programs also participate in federal student financial aid programs. In order to have an objective criterion for determining eligibility, the standard Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form should be filed by anyone wishing to participate in these programs. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid a month before tuition bills are issued at the beginning of each semester.