Fr. Joseph Maurici | Ordination Reflection - Saint John's Seminary
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Fr. Joseph Maurici | Ordination Reflection

June 5, 2021

This final preparation for priestly ordination leads me to think about the friends I have made and the people I have met during my years of formation. It strikes me that formation is as much, if not more, about one's time with people as it is about one's studies. We are ordained to serve the people of God and, as important as it is to be able to articulate the Truths of the Faith clearly, it is essential that we be able to help people through their difficulties and trials.

And so, the thing I am looking forward to most about priesthood is the ability to walk with people in all their different circumstances. I think serving as a deacon in the midst of a pandemic has helped to bring to the fore the realities of the difficulties that we face as a society, as well as how desperately the world needs to hear the Good News. This year, we have seen firsthand how much people have been cut off from each other. We now have the task of rebuilding a functioning communion so that the Church can extend God's healing power into our society.

Reflection by: Fr. Joseph Maurici, Diocese of Rochester, NY.

Ordained: June 5, 2021

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