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Ordination Reflection: Dcn. Nathaniel Sanders

July 1, 2021

Several weeks ago, on June 11th, my classmates and I were ordained transitional deacons for the Archdiocese of Boston. We all seemed ready and at peace for this step in our formation towards priesthood.

The Ordination Mass itself is remarkable for its beauty and simplicity. Those to be ordained deacons do almost nothing in the liturgy. We simply present ourselves to the bishop, make promises in keeping with the clerical state, and intend to be ordained according to the rites of the Church. This serves as a reminder to us that in the order of grace, we provide very little. It is God who does everything. It is only in his goodness and love that we have been given such a gift. It isn't something we achieve, but receive.
After the prayer of ordination and laying on of hands, we receive the book of the Gospels from the ordaining bishop. It is a tangible reminder that we are ordained for a purpose. We are sent out in order to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. Practically, this means we have all been sent to parishes for the summer.

At my diaconate parish, St. Margaret Mary in Westwood, MA, I have been given wonderful opportunities to preach at Mass, teach and prepare individuals for the sacraments, and preside at other liturgies. While each is exciting to do for the first time, they are also reminders of the great responsibility placed on us to share Christ faithfully with those in the parish. They also make me grateful for the wonderful priestly formation I have received.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of Saint John's Seminary. And please continue to pray for us!

By: Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Sanders
Archdiocese of Boston

Pilot photos by Gregory L. Tracy

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