Reflection: Dcn. David Campo - Saint John's Seminary
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Reflection: Dcn. David Campo

November 10, 2020

We asked Dcn. David Campo what he is looking forforward to as he begins his diaconate year. This is wnat he said:

Serving the people of St. Thomas Aquinas as a deacon! Preaching the Gospel, baptizing, leading Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction, praying the liturgy of the hours on behalf of the Church universal, and the blessings permitted for a deacon. I’ve had a taste of some of these since my ordination in October, and it brings great joy to offer God a sacrifice of praise with Fr. Bill and Fr. Giombetti, the priests at my assignment in Bridgewater. It is an incredible privilege to pray for others and to cultivate prayer in others through the ministry of service. If had to compact this, it would be to assist the priests in union with our bishop in their apostolic work of saving souls through the sacraments. To do so fruitfully, I look forward to offering what I can to either bridge the gap of those disconnected, or strengthen the foundations for those already practicing.