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The Gospel of Life is at the heart of Jesus’ message

October 27, 2022

“The Gospel of Life is at the heart of Jesus’s message,” John Paul II wrote in 1995. It is the Gospel of human dignity and the value of every human life. Today, abortion, assisted suicide, and other threats contradict that Gospel. The result is confusion, sorrow, and loss––for millions. Our seminarians are called to bring the light of Christ into that darkness and suffering.

Like priests in every age, our seminarians will bear witness to the dignity of every human life. We train them to teach the truth, demand justice for victims, and defend the marginalized. They contemplate the dignity of human life so that they can inspire hope and courage in God’s people. They study medical ethics to counsel parishioners about life and death. They practice preaching homilies that turn hearts toward the Gospel. In a confused world, they will be lights in darkness.

The Gospel of Life is also the Gospel of God’s mercy. Our men preach and live it. It begins in the confessional: expert priests train our seminarians to listen, counsel, and absolve sins with compassion. They listen to speakers from effective pro-life ministries. From pastoral assignments and volunteer work, they learn to support and serve those considering abortion, or grieving after one. In a wounded and grieving world, they will offer mercy.

For generations to come, our seminarians will teach the truth with courage. They’ll heal the wounded with compassion. They’ll comfort the sorrowful with the love of God. They will be preachers of God’s truth and mercy––preachers of the Gospel of Life. Proclaim that Gospel with them. Support tomorrow’s priests today.

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Beyond paying the cost of education, your donation to the Saint John’s Fund will:

  • Send 80 seminarians to the March for Life.
  • Subsidize pro-life lectures at Saint John’s Seminary.
  • Support biannual prayer vigils for life.