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Principles Governing Promise for Tomorrow Scholarship Awards

Principles Governing Promise for Tomorrow Scholarship Awards

  • Assist students who manifest financial need.
  • Assist students who are serving the Church within the Archdiocese of Boston (AOB) in parishes, schools, or other ministries.
  • Assist students active in the AOB who show promise in the New Evangelization.
  • Students from outside the AOB may apply and will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Provide help especially to students working in geographical, ministerial, and/or cultural areas that the society underserves.
  • Award two merit-based scholarships (40% tuition remission) annually for graduate programs in order to attract well-qualified students to the formation provided by Master of Arts in Ministry/Master of Theological Studies. (MAM/MTS)
    • “Outstanding Lay Parish Service Scholarship” (Master of Arts in Ministry degree)
    • “New Evangelization Scholarship” (Master of Theological Studies degree)
  • Support degree-program candidates and non-degree students and eligible Catholic School Teachers.
  • Continue to fund students at the same level of support until they complete their degrees.
    • Students must maintain a suitable GPA and demonstrate continued financial need.
  • Consider also those students who receive other scholarships or have other means of financial support.


1. Go to

2. Download a PFT Scholarship application for MAM/MTS graduate classes.

3. First submit your FAFSA electronically thru their website and print out a paper copy of the completed FAFSA for submission with your PFT application. Submit the FAFSA copy along with a letter of recommendation from your pastor (or head of campus ministry or shrine) to:

Promise for Tomorrow Scholarships
66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184

PLEASE NOTE that the Promise for Tomorrow Scholarship Committee will proportionately compare how many courses students indicated they intended to take in a prior year to the actual number of completed enrolled courses. The PFT Committee expects that all students will be as realistic as possible about their course projections on their applications. The PFT Committee commits funds to students based on financial need. Consideration of other sources of support is taken into account when determining awards.

Additionally, for any and all future reapplication scholarship assistance, the PFT Committee requests that students send a letter of explanation if they did not use any of the prior academic year’s scholarship award.


Students must submit application on or before the following dates:

Summer and Early Fall scholarships: February 1, 2021

Late fall scholarships: May 1, 2021

(Please note that the PFT Committee may not be able to grant

as many scholarships for disbursement for the late fall deadline.)