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WELCOME to the summer 2022 online registration for the M.A.M. and M.T.S. Degree Programs of Saint John’s Seminary.

Registration closes on 6/7/22

Prior to registration, students taking courses for credit must confer with Dr. Paul Metilly, Academic Dean, to review course selection and sequence. Dr. Metilly can be reached at

In-Person classes will be held at St. Mary’s of the Assumption, 25 Avery Street in Dedham as well as by remote learning on the Canvas learning platform.

Academic courses are two credits each, and cost $1350. It is also possible to audit a course for $400. Field Education costs $1000 per semester for those students not previously enrolled. Credit card payment is available for non-scholarship students or we can bill you directly. If you have questions, please call 617-779-4104, ext. 2 or email

Scholarship Information

Available Summer 2022 Courses

Spirituality for Ministry and Catholic Leadership

A Survey of American Church History - This course has been canceled for Summer 2022