Seminary Tuition and Fees - Saint John's Seminary
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Seminary Tuition and Fees

Tuition per semester $13,590.00

Residence per semester $ 6,825.00

Tuition per credit hour $ 1,150.00

Audit Fee $ 350.00

Continuation for Master’s Thesis Direction per semester $ 500.00

All fees are payable upon receipt of the semester invoice. The Seminary reserves the right to withhold grade reports and transcripts when accounts are in arrears. Tuition and residence charges are subject to change by the Board of Trustees. While no security deposit for the use of rooms is required, charges will be made for the cost of damage to property.

Refund of tuition will be made on the following basis:

Within the third week of class 80%

Within the fourth week of class 60%

Within the fifth week of class 40%

Within the sixth week of class 20%

Saint John’s Seminary offers optional Students’ Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Insurance. Information is available through the Business Office.