SJS Theology Program - Saint John's Seminary

Theology Program

Master of Divinity

The Seminary’s Theology Program consists of four years, comprising eight academic semesters, which lead to the Master of Divinity/Baccalaureate of Sacred Theology degrees. The residence requirement for the degrees is at least two academic years. The total number of credits for the degrees is 136, of which 112 are academic credits and 24 Pastoral Formation credits.

Over the course of the program, students must successfully complete thirty-seven academic courses: thirty required courses and seven elective courses. Of the electives, one must be in Systematic Theology, one in Moral Theology, and one in Biblical Studies. The Pastoral Language Certificate is also a required elective. Students must obtain twenty-four Pastoral Formation credits associated with four programs or placements: a catechetical placement with an introduction to pastoral ministry, a supervised institutional placement, and a two-year parish placement. These placements are supervised and approved by the Director of Pastoral Formation.

Sitting for the Oral Comprehensive Examination, although not a current requirement for the Master of Divinity degree, is a requirement of the Theology Program. All eligible Fourth Theologians are expected to sit for this examination. Passing the Oral Comprehensive Examination is a requirement of the Baccalaureate of Sacred Theology. A candidate for the Baccalaureate of Sacred Theology is given two attempts to pass this examination.

NOTE: No electives may be taken during the Fall Term of First Theology. Only ONE elective may be taken during the Spring term of First Theology, with the approval of the Dean of Faculty and a minimum GPA of 3.5

Two electives taken during Second Theology.

Three electives taken during Third Theology.

Two electives taken during Fourth Theology.

The typical schedule of courses for the Theology program is as follows:

Theology I- Fall Semester

OT502 Narrative Books of the O.T. (3)
NT501 The Synoptic Gospels (3)
HT501 Patristics (3)
TH501 Fundamental Theology (3)

Theology I- Spring Semester

OT501 Prophets, Psalms, & Wisdom (3)
NT502 The Letters of Saint Paul (3)
TH505 God: One and Three (3)
ST501 Intro to Sacred Liturgy (3)
PS504 Intro to Communication and Evangelization (3)

Theology I- Pastoral Formation

Catechetical Placement with Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (3 credits each semester)

Theology II- Fall Semester

NT503 Gospel According to John (3)
TH502 Christology (3)
CH501 Medieval History (3)
PT501 Pastoral Theology (3)
XX500 Pastoral Language Certificate (1)

Theology II- Spring Semester

CH502 Modern Church History (3)
MT501 Moral Theology (4)
TH503 Ecclesiology (3)
XX500 Pastoral Language Certificate (1)

Theology II- Pastoral Formation

Supervised Placement including Theological Reflection (3 credits each semester)

Theology III- Fall Semester

MM503 Canon Law of Marriage & Sacraments (3)
TH506 Sacramental Theology (3)
PS505 Sources, Structure, and Practice of the Homily (3)
XX500 Pastoral Language Certificate (1)

Theology III-Spring Semester

MT502 Catholic Social Doctrine (3)
TH504 Theological Anthropology (3)
PS506 Liturgical Theology and Practice of the Rites of Christian Initiation (3)
MM504 Structure of Ecclesial Life and Ministry (3)
XX500 Pastoral Language Certificate (1)

Theology III- Pastoral Formation

Parish Placement including Theological Reflection (3 credits each semester)

Theology IV- Fall Semester

MT503 Pastoral-Moral Issues (3)
ST504 Sacraments of Healing (3)
MM600 Temporal Goods of the Church (3)
ST503 Practicum in Ars Celebrandi (3)

Theology IV- Spring Semester

MT505 Bioethics in the Catholic Tradition (3)
ST507 Eucharist & Holy Orders (3)
PT502 The Counseling Pastor (3)

Theology IV- Pastoral Formation

Parish Placement including Theological Reflection (3 credits each semester)

Fall 2019 Electives

TH634 Church and State (3)
TH637 Our Lady and Her Graces (3)
TH639 The Theology of Joseph Ratzinger (3)
TH641 Christian Literary Classics (3)
MU510 Monuments of Sacred Music (3)
LT402 Elementary Latin II (1.5)

Master of Arts (Theology)

The Master of Arts (Theology) program is designed for qualified students to pursue in depth a specific aspect of their theological studies. Candidates for this program must have completed the first four semesters of the Master of Divinity program (or its equivalent) and have maintained at least a B average.

Each candidate must have adequate ability in at least one modern or ancient language. A student who intends to concentrate in a particular area of historical or biblical studies must be competent in the languages necessary for such work. Competence for this language ability can be fulfilled either by successful completion of coursework at the intermediate level or by examination.

To obtain the M.A.(T.) degree, a student must complete a total of forty-two credits, of which twenty-four credits may represent core courses in the Master of Divinity curriculum of Third and Fourth Theology. A grade of B in every course is necessary to obtain credit toward the degree. Twelve credits are to be drawn from elective courses which are in the candidate’s area of concentration. Six credits are given for the presentation and successful defense of a thesis.

All requirements must be completed within four years of admission to the Master of Arts (Theology) Program.