Transfer Credit - Saint John's Seminary
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Transfer Credit

Credits earned at another accredited institution may be transferred for credit subject to the following conditions:

(a) such credits were earned within six years prior to matriculation at Saint John’s Seminary

(b) such credits have not been used to earn another degree

(c) the course contained content suitable for application to the student’s program at Saint John’s according to the judgment of the Educational Affairs Committee

(d) a grade of “B” or better was earned

It is the student’s responsibility to request that an official copy of transcripts be sent directly to the Director of Admissions and Records from each institution previously attended. No more than 30 transfer credits may be applied to the Bachelor of Philosophy degree. No more than 54 credits may be applied to the Master of Divinity degree, and no more than nine credits to either of the Master of Arts degrees or the Master of Theological Studies degree.