Fall 2022 Registration is Now Open - Saint John's Seminary
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Fall 2022 Registration is Now Open

August 9, 2022

Registration is now open for the Fall Semester! Classes begin on September 6th.

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Take a deep dive into the Catholic Theological Tradition through courses like Fundamental Theology, Survey of the Old Testament, Moral Theology, and more!

Saint John's Seminary offers a wide variety of courses with thought-provoking material and clear instruction from experienced professors who are highly regarded in their fields.

Vatican II invited the people of God to be more fully engaged in the Church, and Saint John's Seminary has answered this invitation with a systematic curriculum for leaders in faith that matches the Church's need.
- Sister Regina Dick, FSP, MAM '18

Are you thinking of a career in church work, ministry, religious education, or looking to deepen your faith and understanding of Catholic Theology? Consider the Lay Formation Programs of Saint John's Seminary. Here you will grow spiritually, personally, and intellectually. Our two degree programs are faithful to the Catholic intellectual tradition, are carefully crafted to provide an integrated and thorough study of Catholic theology, and allow for specialization in one of two themes: acquiring skills to minister within the Church, or honing one’s skills to participate fully in the New Evangelization of the world.

For the rest of my life, I will be grateful for the immeasurable wisdom, tools, and skills that were provided to me at Saint John's Seminary through their Master of Arts in Ministry Degree Program.
- Benoit Thibault, MAM '15

This Fall is a perfect time to take your first course at Saint John's Seminary!